Our Regenerative Agriculture Projects in Lebanon

Beirut Dawra Food Garden -

             Suspended in 2020 due to the financial crisis.

We were in the process of developing an urban food garden in Beirut, in collaboration with theOtherDada, on a donated plot of land across from the August 4th blast site.

Our mission was to teach regenerative agriculture principles and practices aimed at producing healthy soils and nutrient dense food crops, resistant to pests and disease.


We had intended on hosting workshops throughout the development of the garden, starting with our raised beds, by building healthy soils.


The garden aimed to grow vegetables, which would have been sold on site and locally.

The Rodale Institute was planning on advising us during the design and implementation phases of the project.

We encourage communities who have access to land to reach out to us, so we can re-establish the Dawra Project and empower their communties by providing a teaching ground for healthy growing practices, and the ability for them to grow and sell their own produce.

Aerial photo North.jpg

Blast site.

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Regenerative Food Garden Projects - 2023

We are currently reaching out to municipalities and institutions, proposing to develop abandoned land parcels into food gardens to help sustain their communities. We will provide the materials, tools and the expertise necessary to grow their own food. Once the projects are well established and running well, we will offer follow up consultations to maintain their progress.

Composting Workshops - 2023

We will offer two day free composting workshops to groups of 20 to 25 participants starting next spring for free every two months. Materials will be included.

Farm Transitions- 2023-2024

Three participants will be selected from the composting workshops. They will be provided with materials and three free consultations to help them transition their farms to regenerative growing practices.