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Our Mission

Scarabée Regenerative was founded by Karine Hrechdakian to share the principles and practices of Regenerative Agriculture with the Lebanese community. As a Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate—an organization dedicated to promoting Regenerative Agriculture as a solution to the food crisis and climate change—Karine decided to bring that message to her homeland of Lebanon.

Our nascent initiative is fueled by a duty to help farmers learn about an alternative to the synthetic mechanized agriculture they have been practicing for decades. This effort is especially critical at this time, given the severe economic crisis, with a projection of an impending famine. With the 190% inflation of food prices (Bloomberg) and the 80% devalued currency, farmers and citizens, intent on growing their own food have been asking for help. The repercussions of the August 4th, 2020 explosion in Beirut, has rendered the already fragile situation untenable.

Regenerative Agriculture and its overreaching benefits, can help mitigate food insecurity by addressing soil and human health. It is our duty more than ever, during the Covid19 pandemic, to reexamine our farming habits which have had long lasting repercussions on the health of the soils and the plants we depend on for our survival. Healthy soils produce healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy humans and a healthy planet.


Presently self-funded, we honor contributions, however small, to fund our work.

A tall Sunflower plant bending under the weight of its head with trees behind.

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Cedar trees forest, distant mountains and grey clouds.

Tannourine Cedar Forest Nature Reserve

Karine Hrechdakian - Founder/CEO of Scarabée Regenerative.

​Karine Hrechdakian


Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate

Karine was born in Lebanon and lives in upstate New York. Previously a documentary filmmaker, she is currently dedicated to promoting Regenerative Agriculture as a solution to the food crisis and climate change, and has been developing a Regenerative Agriculture Initiative in Lebanon, since 2019. She has researched the field extensively, while developing relationships with regenerative organizations, authors and educators along the way.

MIT Masters of Science in Visual Studies

Purple and magenta small thistles.


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