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Michel Atwi Farm

Maghdoushe, Saida. (MAP) Altitude:150 m - 500ft   25,000m2 - 6.2 Acres

Custard Apple 'Ashta', Olive, Avocado, Honey


Noteworthy improvements:


Comprehensive Cover Crop Planting:

Michel has taken a proactive approach by planting cover crops across the entire land. Beyond nitrogen fixation, these cover crops play a crucial role in addressing water-related challenges by enhancing soil moisture retention. This dual-purpose strategy contributes to overall soil health and resilience.

Drip Irrigation Implementation:

To optimize water usage and support the growth of main crops, Michel is making a modest investment in the installation of a drip irrigation system. This technology ensures efficient water distribution, minimizing waste and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Introduction of Tropical Trees:

Recognizing the potential for higher returns, Michel has invested in 50 new trees of tropical varieties, including mango and lychee. This diversification of crops aligns with the farm's elevation and market demands, potentially increasing the overall profitability of the agricultural enterprise.

Nursery Investment:

Michel is forward-thinking in his decision to purchase a greenhouse, dedicated to producing seedlings and fruit trees. This initiative not only meets the farm's needs but also creates an opportunity to contribute to the local agricultural community by selling quality seedlings to neighboring farmers.


These strategic initiatives reflect Michel's commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation of his farming practices. By addressing water challenges, diversifying crops, and investing in infrastructure, he is positioning the farm for long-term success in a changing agricultural landscape.

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