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Wadih Mahfouz Farm

Jbeil. Altitude: Altitude: 50m - 165ft    25,000 m2 - 6.2 Acres

Avocado, Mango, Banana, Sugar Apple


Noteworthy improvements:

Cover Crop Implementation:

A substantial 80% of Wadih's farm has been planted with cover crops, strategically chosen for nitrogen fixation and soil protection. This initiative is aimed at enhancing soil health and overall land productivity.

Drip Irrigation System:

Wadih is set to install a comprehensive drip irrigation system covering his entire land. Additionally, there are plans to expand the system to areas that are not yet planted, showcasing a commitment to efficient water management and sustainable farming practices.

Nursing Crops:

Wadih plans to introduce a variety of nursing crops, including lemongrass and cover the terrace walls with passion fruit. This approach not only contributes to soil conservation but also adds diversity to the farm, potentially attracting beneficial insects and
improving overall ecosystem health.

Adding Trees:

Wadih has made an investment in his farm's future by purchasing new lychee and mango trees. The introduction of these trees not only adds to the diversity of crops but also represents a forward-thinking approach to increasing long-term yields.


These notable improvements indicate Wadih's dedication to enhancing his farm's productivity and sustainability. Despite the initial favorable soil conditions, his commitment to adopting advanced farming practices reflects a proactive approach to ensuring the long-term success of his agricultural endeavors.

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