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Jihad Osta Farm

Maghdoushe, Saida (MAP) Altitude: 150m - 500ft  5,000 m2 - 1.2 Acres

Dragon Fruit


Noteworthy improvements:


Cover Crops Implementation:

Jihad has wisely planted cover crops beneath all fruit trees on the farm. This thoughtful practice serves dual purposes—contributing to nitrogen fixation in the soil and aiding in moisture retention. By doing so, Jihad is promoting soil health and resilience through a natural and sustainable approach.

Expansion of Dragon Fruit Operation:

Recognizing his expertise in dragon fruit farming, Jihad is making significant strides by expanding his steel trellises. This expansion is a testament to his professionalism in dragon fruit cultivation. The decision to enlarge the dragon fruit operation indicates Jihad's strategic approach to meeting market demand and capitalizing on the success of this particular crop.

Greenhouse Investment:

Jihad has made a strategic investment in a greenhouse, intending to use it for two key purposes. Firstly, the greenhouse will facilitate the expansion of his dragon fruit nursery, ensuring a controlled environment for optimal seedling growth.

Secondly, the greenhouse will serve as a space for expanding his vermicompost operation, emphasizing his commitment to organic farming practices and sustainable soil enrichment.


These initiatives collectively showcase Jihad's dedication to sustainable and efficient farming practices. By incorporating cover crops, expanding his successful dragon fruit operation, and investing in a greenhouse for nursery and compost expansion, Jihad is positioning himself for continued success in organic and environmentally friendly agriculture.

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