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Gerges Akiki Farm

Bqaatouta, Mount Lebanon. Altitude: 1,400m - 4,600ft    45,000 m2 -11 Acres

Apple Orchard (80%), Plum (5%), Nuts and Grapes (15%)

Gerges's initial soil test results and land status, including soil condition, trees, and existing resources, indicated the lowest scores among all the farmers.


The farm lacked expert management, with poor pruning and maintenance practices leading to elevated electrical conductivity (EC) levels, suggesting excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides over the years.


Planting new trees, February 2024.

Noteworthy improvements:

Cover Crop Implementation:

The entire farm has been strategically planted with cover crops designed for nitrogen fixation and soil protection. Seeds provided covered almost 50% of the land (60,000m2), with Gerges proactively purchasing the remaining seeds needed to cover the entire property.

Drip Irrigation System:

A significant improvement includes the installation of a drip irrigation system, covering a large portion of the land. The inclusion of a venturi system for applying compost teas and fertilizers demonstrates a commitment to more sustainable and efficient water and nutrient management.

Nursing Crops and Aromatics:

Gerges has placed an order for 20,000+ plants, including nursing crops and aromatics, to be strategically planted across the entire property. This initiative serves multiple purposes, such as attracting beneficial insects, enhancing biodiversity, and creating a potential secondary income source.

Tree Diversity:

Investment in 250+ trees of various varieties, including cherry, apple, walnut, nectarine, and others, showcases a deliberate effort to replace unproductive apple trees and populate empty plots. This move contributes to the overall improvement of the farm's productivity and diversity.

Overall, Gerges has displayed keen interest in the implemented system and has demonstrated a serious commitment to adopting more sustainable agricultural practices. These positive changes not only reflect environmental consciousness

Pruning Workshop at Gerges's farm March 2024

Cover crops, April 2024.

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