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Broken glass from the explosion in Beiruit.

Organizations you can Donate to.


SOUK EL TAYEB  (One of our supporting organization)

Kamal Mouzawak and his team had created the Souk, where we would buy our products, and his restaurant in Mar Michaël. Their aim was to preserve the cultural heritage of Lebanese gastronomy. They gave work opportunities to a whole community of women cooks coming from different regions of Lebanon, farmers, agricultural producers, employees, as well as their families. Today, their livelihood is in danger.

They will redirect their kitchens to provide food to the homeless Lebanese displaced by the events of Augst 4th, 2020.


Following the disaster in Beirut on August 4, Impact Lebanon launched a campaign to collect donations and then redistribute them to NGOs selected according to a series of specific criteria. The NGO must be registered in Lebanon, apolitical, devoid of any claims or community affiliation, be engaged in helping the victims of August 4 ...

The associations that have been selected so far are: Beit El Baraka, Offer Joie, The Lebanese Red Cross and Arc-en-Ciel.








Arc-En-Ciel participates in the sustainable development of society by supporting vulnerable communities and integrating marginalized people without any distinction. Its objectives are socio-cultural, economic, environmental.



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