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August 4th, 2020 Explosion

On August 4th, 2020 Beirut suffered an unfathomable blast, as stores of ammonium nitrate exploded in two consecutive blasts, sending shock waves for miles, leaving behind an apocalyptic scene. That day will be imbedded in the psyche of the Lebanese for generations to come.

Scarabée Regenerative extends its deepest sympathies to the Lebanese as this unfathomable and unconscionable act shattered the already fragile and stressed situation. We believe in the strength and resilience of the Lebanese people, who have been abandoned by a corrupt and criminal government.

Our mission is all the more critical now and we are fully committed to be a part of a solution.

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"MP Melhem Khalaf, also the former president of the Beirut Bar Association (BBA), was knocked over and beaten on Tuesday during a sit-in held in front of the Justice Palace in support of three lawyers and activists Wassef Harakeh, Ali Abbas and Pierre Gemayel, who are campaigning for the resumption of the investigations into the Aug. 4, 2020 explosion at Beirut port. March, 2024 (L’Orient-Le Jour)

Over 200 Dead

7000 Injured

300,000 Homeless

"No justice 6 months after blast." Feb, 2021(WRW)

"Lebanon entered its second week of countrywide protests and road blocks Tuesday, as inaction from the political class continues to anger people suffering from a multitude of crises." March, 2021 (TDS)

"Three years after Beirut’s apocalypse, no one is accountable." Aug 3, 2023 (WAPO)


"The authorities have built a system in which there is no mechanism to hold them accountable. They have also used both legal and illegal means to block any substantive investigation into the explosion, including refusing to show up for interrogations and using the judiciary to file charges against Tarek Bitar, the judge tasked with investigating the case."

Commemoration of 2020 blast, Aug 4,2023

Unlike the previous two years, the crowds this year were slim. "With few members of the public in the audience" brigade chief Captain Ali Najem said "the financial crisis seemed to have eclipsed the spirit of remembrance. The Lebanese people tend to forget."Aug 4, 2023(ISO4)

Don't give up on beirut graffiti on wall.
Blue van with August4 Justice sign.
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